Sports Massage at the Club

Relieve muscle tension and speed up recovery with a Sports Massage at the club.

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Sports Massage at the Club

Elevate your athletic journey with our tailored treatments designed to enhance recovery, prevent injuries, and optimise your performance. Our experienced therapists combine expertise with a passion for sports to deliver personalized care that caters to your body’s unique needs.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Experience the transformative benefits of sports massage, a key ally in enhancing physical performance and overall well-being. This specialised massage therapy not only promotes faster recovery by alleviating muscle soreness and tension but also improves flexibility, preventing injuries. Sports massage enhances blood circulation, delivers essential nutrients to muscles, and expedites the removal of metabolic waste. Beyond the physical, it aids in stress reduction, promoting mental relaxation crucial for peak athletic performance. Whether you’re an athlete seeking recovery or an individual aiming for improved mobility, sports massage is a holistic approach to fostering optimal physical health and rejuvenation.

What to Expect

A sports massage targets specific muscles used during physical activity, aiding in recovery and injury prevention. Expect a tailored session focusing on areas of tension and stress, utilizing techniques like deep tissue manipulation and stretching. You’ll experience increased flexibility, improved circulation, and reduced muscle soreness, enhancing your performance and overall well-being.

Sports Massage FAQs

Sports massage can aid in injury recovery by reducing muscle tension, promoting blood flow, and enhancing flexibility. Consult with one of our qualified therapists to determine the best approach for your specific injury.

For optimal benefits, aim for a sports massage once a week or bi-weekly if you’re actively engaged in physical activity. Adjust frequency based on intensity of workouts and individual recovery needs.

The cost will vary on the number of sessions you book, with a discount on block bookings. The cost for one hour is £60. Members get the initial assessment for FREE, and 10% off the first appointment.

Our Therapists

Faz Chitima

Massage Therapist

Faz is driven by a commitment to alleviate the impact of soft tissue injuries, providing an alternative to a life marred by pain or dependency on medication. His journey began by training elite-level and professional boxers, where he encountered the commonality of muscular injuries at the highest physical demands. This experience inspired Faz to extend his expertise to diverse sporting backgrounds and the local community, addressing muscular and tendon-related issues.

An authority in sports treatments and therapy, Faz offers a range of solutions, from sports massage to cupping, ensuring personalised care for everyone seeking relief and improved well-being.